1. NAME: The name of the Society shall be OSWESTRY & DISTRICT SOCIETY OF ARTISTS.
2 OBJECTS : The Society is formed to provide for the furtherance of the Visual Arts within the Town and District including opportunities for location painting and other subjects in all media; the tuition and demonstration of painting; exhibitions of the work of members; and all things incidental to the subject of Visual Arts for the benefit of it’s members.
3.MEMBERSHIP: Membership for the Society shall be open to all individuals approved by the Committee who are interested in the Visual Arts. The categories of membership are:
(a) FULL . Those members paying maximum subscription
(b) JUNIOR : Those members under the age of 16 years on 1st January in any year.
(c) ASSOCIATE : Non-painting members who are interested in the aims and purposes of the Society
All Members shall be subject to the rules of the Society. Only full members shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting.
4. The Society’s year shall commence on 1st January. Members whose subscriptions are unpaid may NOT exhibit.
5 OFFICERS: The Officers of the Society shall be appointed by General Meeting and shall
comprise of a President; Chairman; Vice Chairman; Honorary General; Programme; Exhibition and Membership Secretaries; Honorary Treasurer. They shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election from year to year.
6 LIST OF MEMBERS: A classified list of members, Officers and Committee shall be held by the Secretaries.
7 COMMITTEE: The Committee shall consist of the Officers and six full members together with any persons co-opted by the Committee of the Society. five members of the Committee shall form a quorum
The Committee shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall (other than Officers) be appointed for three years, one third retiring in rotation each year.
8 CO-OPTION: The Committee may co-opt a member or members of the Society to serve on the Committee for a period of one year.
9 ELECTION OF COMMITTEE: The election of officers and ordinary Committee members will be as follows:
a. Any two full members of the Society shall be at liberty to nominate a member to serve as an Officer or an Ordinary Committee member. The proposer shall be responsible for ensuring that the member nominated is prepared to serve if elected.
b. All nominations must be made to the Secretaries at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
c. Election shall be by ballot if required and each member present at the AGM shall vote for the same number of candidates as there are vacancies. Any ballot paper which contains more votes for candidates than there are vacancies shall be void. In case there shall not be a sufficient number of candidates nominated, the Committee shall fill up the remaining vacancies. If two or more candidates obtain an equal number of votes, where they cannot all be elected, a further ballot shall be held restricted to those candidates.
d. Of the committee, all the Officers and at least two ordinary Committee members shall retire every year at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.
10 POWERS OF COMMITTEE: The Committee, in addition to all the powers specifically conferred upon them by these Rules, shall have the control of the finances of the Society and all such administrative powers as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objects of the Society in accordance with these Rules.
11. SECRETARIES: The Secretaries and the Treasurer shall conduct the correspondence of the Society and shall have the custody of all documents belonging to the Society. They shall conduct all exhibitions of works of members and shall keep full and correct minutes of all meetings.
12. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Society and shall make up the Annual Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet of the Society to September in each year which shall, after audit, be available for inspection by all members.
13. ACCOUNTS: The accounts shall be audited by a responsible person to be appointed by the Committee and shall be presented for adoption at the Annual General Meeting.
14. NEW MEMBERS: Candidates for election to membership by the Committee shall submit applications in writing to the Treasurer and following election shall be furnished with a copy of the Rules.
15. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions for all classes of membership shall be such amounts as shall from time to time be decided upon by the members in general meeting. The committee may waive or reduce the subscription of any member in their absolute discretion. All annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance on or before January for the ensuing calendar year. Any member whose subscription is unpaid on 31st March shall cease to be a member but may be replaced by the Committee on payment of all arrears.
(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held each year as soon as convenient after October at such time and place as the Committee shall determine.
(b) The Committee may call an extraordinary General Meeting when any question of urgent importance shall arise.
(c) At least 14 days notice of any general meeting specifying the day place and hour shall be sent to every member by letter to his or her address in the Society register.
(d) Every motion put before the Annual General Meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes of those present with the exception of changes in the constitution.
(e) A quorum for an AGM shall be fifteen (15) members.
17. CHAIRMANSHIP: The chairman or in his/her absence the Vice Chairman or in the absence of both some member to be chosen by the members present, shall preside at all meetings of the Society and shall have a vote and also a casting vote.
18. CHANGE OF CONSTITUTION: The Constitution of the Society may not be changed except under the following circumstances:
(a) Notice of not less than ten days has been served on all members of the Society of the proposed change.
(b) A special general meeting is held, or otherwise the Annual General Meeting, at which this is discussed and voted upon.
(c) A two-thirds majority of the members present must be in favour of the changes for them to be carried out.
(d) The Chairman shall have the right to delay a change in the constitution until the next Annual General Meeting or for six months whichever is the shorter period when a vote of the members present shall be taken.
19. MEMBERS’ ADDRESSES: Every member shall inform the Secretary of his or her change of address. Such address shall be inserted in the register of members and all notices sent by post to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.
20. PUBLIC EXHIBITIONS: The Society shall hold at least one Public Exhibition in each year and the Committee shall determine the entry fees payable by members for each exhibit and the commission to be charged on members’ works. For all Merit exhibitions a panel of Selectors shall be appointed by the Committee.
21. DISSOLUTION: In the event of dissolution of the Society, any remaining funds shall be donated to objects similar to those of the Society.
AMENDED TO INCLUDE NEW OFFICE OF MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY as agreed at AGM 2000. Held on the October, 2000. (22nd YEAR)